Sunday, February 24, 2013

Line of vision

Of all of the pictures I have ever taken - this is among my favorites. Not for its quality, but for what it represents and the time in my life it captured. I was driving home to Rochester from Colorado the summer of 2011. I had just decided I would pick up a visit to one more state before I returned east. With a turn of the wheel I headed down a different route-- bound for Wyoming."Who knows when I'll have this chance again?," I thought. 

Somewhere in my path I made a wrong turn and my GPS sent me here, off some side road somewhere between the state border of Colorado and Wyoming. 

Catching sight of this view I stopped the car, got out and marveled at it. A cornfield with the distant veil of mountains behind it. Two entirely different places, two unique ecosystems and all within one eye's glance. To me, it represents everything about the life we know and even the life we do not. It paints the picture of the change that exists in the future - the things yet to be discovered. 

Life doesn't always change in a moment. Yet, the shift that comes from many moments, both good and bad can change a lot of the big picture. It can over time create different chapters of your life. I look at this picture and I am reminded of two views of life - how it is in my plain sight and how it might be ahead in the future, if I look beyond what's right in front of me.

I don't necessary like all of the things that happened to me in my life, but they have in some way made me who I am. There are moments in life that build who you are. Many of them are moments that are most welcome. It's these moments we draw strength from. 

I'm grateful every once in a while to have these moments in my life. Those breathtaking moments are only rare because the truth is we miss them because of life, because of routines, regular patterns. As rare and fleeting as views like this are they remind me of potential - remind me to stop staring at the corn and look up.