Saturday, March 2, 2013

Moving man

I think there's something strange about looking at a picture 
that's a year old to see what transitions or transformations have taken place. 

This was taken over a year ago in Central Park, overlooking Sheeps Meadow. It was the kind of winter day that murmurs a wish for spring - with cerulean blue sky and sunshine so bright it called for shades. The kind of day where you take a rest on a rock - eating bakery goodies and bask in the happy for a little while. That's just what Patrick and I did. 

Little did we know then that a year later he'd pack up his apartment and say goodbye to New York. 

To live in Rochester - no less! 

I've shared so much of my life on this blog for the past six years of blogging that it seems strange I leave out a major transition in it. So, long time blog followers -  this is Patrick.

You all know I'd been single for a long time - dated around and always ended up pretty disillusioned.  Like most single women who look for someone truly special I just felt unappreciated most of the time.
I was tired of the game and plain worn out from the disappointment. I almost accepted there wasn't anyone special left in the world of single men...until September 2011.
No offense to certain guys poking around who I might have dated...
but thanks for all being total duds so I could find my way to Patrick.  

One night in a restaurant not so far away I went out with a friend after we'd taken in a Geva show. I joined her for a drink with an actor friend of hers - someone who I liked right from the start. He was tall and charming and kind with dancing blue eyes. His special lady was with him that night- his mom.
I left the restaurant wondering if I'd ever hear from him or even if he felt the spark I did. I shrugged my shoulders and figured no guy wants to consider a 'long distance thing'. The very next day he found me on facebook and wrote me. Love in the age of social media, huh?

Fast forward 17 months later, here we are.

As an actor whose work is mostly in theaters travel is pretty standard. Long distance relationships aren't by nature easy, but I have enjoyed who we are even with the miles separating us. Skype, cell phones and the old fashioned U.S. postal service have become immensely necessary. We make the most of the visits we have. I guess I can say I've foregone my former single life of traveling on whim and instead picked up a coupled life of traveling with purpose. Both of us have racked up our fair share of miles. We've braved buses, Amtrak, rental cars and flights to be together. Sometimes others wonder aloud "how do you do it?" and the answer is simple - you just do.

 That's when you know it's something special. Travel is not cheap. I've stopped counting how much both of us have spent on airfare. Truth is, it doesn't matter. It's a part of our budgets as essential as the electric bill or groceries - it just is. Never for a moment does one of us question the cost. The value far outweighs the cost. 

Patrick is in D.C. right now working at the Kennedy Center on Shear Madness. But the next time he comes "home" it will be to Rochester. Funny what can change in over a year.