Thursday, June 28, 2007

If it's Thursday...I must be in Rochester

My mom made a special trip to an out of the way video rental place to rent "If it's Tuesday this must be Belgium" for me. My guess is if your in my age group, you haven't seen the movie...but who knows. It was made in the late 60s.

To sum up: it's about a hodge-podge group of Americans who take a tour bus around Europe. The funny thing is the movie highlighted basically all the cities that I will be going to in two weeks. However, there are many things in this movie that I dare not duplicate on my tour.

First of all I have learned a thing or two from these hapless American weirdos.

Lessons learned: I'm writing these down.

  • It's not pick-pockets you have to watch out for, but kleptomaniacs on the tour bus.

  • Don't become accidently engaged to a European cousin after the language barrier plays out over dinner.

  • If the man who played Mr. Roper becomes a hot commodity anyone in Europe could find love.

  • At the same time try not to fall in love with the lecherous lothario tour director, you'll only end up with a broken heart and a penicillin shot.

  • Never fall asleep next to a pervert with a camera.

  • If you run out of money for food, there's always plenty of cheese to be had.

Gosh, it's hard to believe that two weeks from now I will be in London. I think my Mom is getting excited vicariously for me. Hence, the movie choice. Here is a little look at where I will be's quite a whirlwind tour but certainly an adventure.

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