Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Insomnia's effects on a worried brain

Today is the day I should get my scan results. And yes this post if it registers correctly was made at 3:35 AM.
I am worried. So there. Every now and then a little worry is okay to admit, right?
But I will distract myself with some rambling...the kind of rambling one does to avoid thinking about serious life altering scenarios.

Ponderable Questions
  • Do you think Leona Helmsley's dog has a crystal chandellier in the dog house?
  • How the hell do they attach Britney's hair extensions -wasn't the girl bald just 5 months ago?
  • Do telemarketers accept calls from other telemarketers?
  • Can you get workers comp from a papercut if it becomes infected and disables you?
  • No solicitors. Are girl scouts peddling those cute yummy cookies considered solicitors?
  • There is no i in team...who comes up with this bull?

Just saying...

  • West Nile virus really isn't that exotic if your Egyptian.
  • The pet rock, doggie steps, spray on hair...modern marvels!
  • The inventor of the Flowbee was in cahoots with the developer of the Mullet hairstyle.
  • You're a roadie. The rock life is in your blood. Now...imagine your next assignment is a Hanson show.
  • The running man...ahhhh I miss this dance move.
  • The beret...this could have made a comeback. Great job, Monica Lewinsky!

Alright, now I'm just going to try to get some sleep...I have successfully distracted myself.

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