Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I woke up this morning and I was thirty

I am 30. Yes...this is the first time I write this out.
I am ready to face the 30s. A deep breath as I enter this third decade of my life.
For those of you that missed me in my 2os I thought I'd provide a brief snippet of some of the things that made my 20s memorable.
In my 20s I...

  • graduated college
  • wore a bridesmaid dress...three times
  • had my heart broken too many times
  • have had 17 roommates (if we include college roommates as well)
  • drown my sorrows in about an estimated 500 bowls of ice cream (collectively folks)
  • was issued 2 speeding tickets in the course of one month
  • passed up 3 job opportunities
  • rode through the Lake District on horseback
  • was fired from a waitressing job by certified mail
  • managed to kiss the Blarney Stone, a few strangers and 3 guys with the name Joe
  • saw Sting in concert
  • have initated several dance-offs
  • accidently flashed someone
  • studied in England
  • slept under the stars, under a coffee table and in a 5 star hotel bed
  • had someone fight for my honor
  • had a Mai Tai in Hawaii
  • sailed, raced and crewed J-24s on Lake Ontario
  • climbed a couple mini mountains, parasailed and did more than a few things that scared me
  • was nearly knocked out by an airborne golf ball twice...once as a cart girl and once as a TV intern (don't ask)
  • threw a surprise party
  • was given a surprise party
  • wrote for a national magazine
  • reached the 22 mark of U.S. states I have travelled to
  • had my own radio show
  • worried about receiving an FCC warning memo (please see above)
  • wrote my own column for a year
  • performed on stage with a band
  • rolled down a hill for fun
  • travelled in Europe...twice
  • saw whales breaching in the Pacific
  • got sick on the tea-cups at Disney
  • survived cancer twice

Wow...that was quite a decade. On to the thirties...

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Anonymous said...

Leah, I read your entire blog this morning. You are such an amazing writer, person, friend...I am truly a fan of yours; and I'll admit that I try and live my life as you would.
I am so honored that we are friends, and I hate that we don't see each other more often...but we'll always have the Lake.
I love you so much and I hope to see you soon.
You are always in my thoughts and prayers.
Love you tons! Hugs and Kisses