Friday, January 18, 2008

An answer to a question

Recently someone asked me why I hadn't started a blog while I was sick. The answer is two fold. Yes, I did start a blog during treatment. It was a private one that only friends could see, part of me wondered if I was ready to expose the real truth, the hell of treatment.
A lot of times I put on a smile and just said yeah everything was fine. My favorite line I'd use was "I'm hanging in there". I didn't update the blog frequently; it was when I was on the upswing that I would write something. Mostly because I could write funny. Yet, there were times I just couldn't laugh. I thought that if I did really tell everyone what was going on or share my real feelings they'd think I was weak. Now, as I join a legion of other bloggers all documenting their journey in and out of treatment I feel that it's important to share all that. Good and bad.
If I get comments here that you'd like to see those archived blogs...I'd consider posting them.

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