Thursday, February 21, 2008

No twistas...just ice and snow

Here I am in Leavenworth Kansas, which to my surprise is a February break spent just the same as in dear old Rochester. Cold, snowy, icy and thoroughly winter. The only thing missing is lake effect. Driving back to my cousin's house from the airport-- Julia, 8 years old and too cute for words said "Leah, unfortunately there's not much to see out here in Kansas except for prisons." She suggested taking my picture outside the federal of four in Leavenworth alone. But really I could have my pick, according to this world wise third grader. "It's a landmark, you know, Leah...just like the Eiffel Tower."

So here you have it folks... Kansas' newest resident may or may not have been arraigned here--at this courthouse...none other than Michael Vick. Apparently he is at one of the prisons here.'s not the mean ol' witch you should fear any more.

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Brenda said...

Great little vignette! I love it when kids tell it as they see it!