Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Scan you bear with me for a moment here?

As time marches on scans become more routine and less haunting...but the anxiety has yet to totally disipate. I try to turn my brain off during this intense week of preparation, injections and appointments...but its hard.

And then there's this blasted iodine free diet! Iodized salt as you may or may not be aware of is almost impossible to avoid in the American diet as it stands. But I have soldiered through with the amazing help of my mom who made me muffins, bread and a bevvy of other carb addict staples to help get me through this week.

It is the nature of the cancer survivor to worry--- at least some---at this time...
So stop telling me to not worry. It is my belief that you can not be prepared to accept the results without acknowledging both sides of the coin, but hoping,oh so fervently hoping, for the best case scenario. It's cautious optimism.

Those of you who have been with me through the thick and thin of my blogs know I've often compared this experience to some amusement park cliches. The scan machine should seriously come with little 3-D projections of the It's a Small World After all characters to make this really legitimately amusing. On Friday I'll hum that tune and just try to imagine myself somewhere else.
I hate thyroid scan week...
But it's all part of the many little tilt-a-whirl moments on the journey so I have to just ride it through.

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