Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Please vote for Zach!!!!

Hi everyone!

A friend of mine---an extraordinary friend of mine---is a finalist in an amazing video contest through LiveStrong.com.

Zach DeRidder, a 23 year old from Lyons NY is in the running to win the grand prize, a signed bike from Lance Armstrong. He is a young man who has endured unfathomable adversity since he was discovered to have liver cancer more than 2 years ago. But his story is a testatment to his incredible strength and will to survive and show the world the impossible can be done.

The winner will be determined by the number of votes.
VOTING BEGAN YESTERDAY and you can help him win a signed bike by Lance Armstrong, his hero.
Each person can vote once per day every day until this SUNDAY SEPT 21.

One entrant in particular who is edging Zach out (at least in views) is a well connected former business man. This contest means a lot to Zach, perhaps more than anyone in it. He doesn't have contacts in the 'business world', but he is a young man with lots of friends, and even strangers marvel at him and his incredible positive attitude and example.

His entry name is MHallstr4.
BE ONE OF THOSE and vote for Zach every day...starting now.


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