Thursday, November 6, 2008

couples to watch in 2009

Mary and Karl
My sister is getting married in less than 9 months... for those of you who don't know Mary...
she is a real live firecracker...(well, okay...yeah we both are)....
But Karl is the fire marshall, so to speak who has "tamed" this crazy woman.

And this crazy woman, my sister Mar-Mar-- picked me to be her M.O.H.

And Mary despite all of my crazy ways has agreed to try to accept me flaws and all in my role ...I'm really a horrible wedding planner/helper. I mean dig this...I am the kind of girl who thinks it would be a good idea to have Karaoke and smores at a wedding reception. But she loves me anyway, and against her better judgement she's kept me "honorable"...that's right out, cause this maid is full of honor...yes--siree!
Mary's wedding is certainly going to be my big event of '09...but this year is shaping up to be quite a year of weddings! I was doing some thinking the other day and I realized that several of my friends are getting married this year. The calendar is filling up quickly.
So I thought I'd give you a brief look at the other cute couples I know getting hitched in '09.
Matt and Sadie
Halloween Alter Egos:
Jose Cuervo and Snap (to Crackle and Pop)

Scott and Jackie

Best attributes:
Scott- Good in sticky situations ( after stroller wheels that rolled in State Fair cow barn rolled into my leg)
Jackie- Whips up party trays to rival Martha and still manages to rock the party game circuit.

Deidre and Andrew
Claims to fame--
Deidre: Newspaper editor extroridinaire who still carries a penchant for boy bands.
Andrew: Is on the cover of Ray LaMontagne's Live at Bonnaroo album (really he is)...
and he manages to forgive his girl for loving O-Town

Rob and Carrie
I knew them way back when-- Carrie and I were roommates when she met Rob.
Yeah, I saw it coming...I so saw this coming. (I'm a bridesmaid)

Margaret and Joel

When she knew it was Prince Charming- Joel was clearly the one for Margaret....and I told her this, when I heard he got her Season One of the GOLDEN GIRLS for her birthday. That my friends...that, is a man in love.

A lot of weddings this year...and come late June the frenzy will begin. Lots of planning ahead for these special couples... but you can bet I'll be there for the par---tay.

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Deidre said...

Uh, I so don't love O-Town anymore. Remember they blew me off? Twice?