Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Reminders of gratitude, songs of inspiration

This past Sunday we were lucky enough to have Christine Baze perform here in Rochester to benefit Melissa's Living Legacy. I'd first heard Christine's emotional and inspiring music on the I'm Too Young For This benefit album.

Her song Radiation Katrina grabbed me but hearing her tell the real story behind it before she sang it live was amazing.

Katrina was a radiation tech who Christine befriended while she was going through treatment for cervical cancer. Katrina assured her that everything would feel better on the other side...when she was well again and cancer behind her. At that point Christine found it hard to believe then, as all of us in darkness might question. Indeed it's human nature that in the midst of the trauma of an experience our line of vision can be cut. We need people around to tell us that somehow there will be something better waiting for us when this dark cloud has passed on by.

I was lucky enough to have those people in my life..but surely, I didn't always trust that they were right when I was in the thick of things.

That song hadn't been on Christine's set list but when I told her before the concert that that song was a favorite she nodded and took mental note. "This one's for Leah" she said when she began to play. Tears started to form in my eyes as she sang it. Yes, everyone who knows me knows I'm emotional...just like my Mom.

The refrain rang clear and true...
Radiation Katrina was right...

Funny but we can't trust the beauty of the future until we're living in it. And then the gratitude is incredible.

Thanks Christine!

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