Friday, May 29, 2009

Vegas a go go!

Back by popular demand...another blog post...thanks to encouragment from my pal, Val!

Toward the end of 2008 the super amazing friends who I met last spring at Camp Mak-A-Dream decided it was time for a reunion.
I was so excited, but at the time my disappointment overcame me because I was certain with all my expenses this year and a trip that had already been booked to California... there was just no way I could do it.

However fate stepped in and on my return from California a bump was offered from United Airlines. I jumped at the chance for the round trip voucher they threw my way.

And so it was that on Memorial Day wknd I was on my way to see my Vegas baby!

There are many adventures to recount...
Take for instance sneaking into the Flamingo Hotel's pool and having a crazy game of volleyball in the pool. If the story ended there...well I'd end it there...but my friend Val got us the hook up. Somehow Val in her bathing beauty glory attracted the attention of a club promoter who just handed her tickets to an album release party at the Mirage's exclusive JET club for none other than recording artist Mike Jones.

Now mind you, I say none if Mike and I were buds. For the sake of truth in blogging I will admit that I had no idea who Mike Jones was.

But no matter...we had free ladies passes to this event at the Mirage Hotel's totally off the hook club, Jet. We looked at the line in horror, but no our passes worked...and a little bit of the Cancer card, to again be truthful.

Hello? Ten Cancer survivors on vacation together ...Paris Hilton, you can wait yo damn turn.

Well, we weren't sure what would be coming the way of our guy friends as they came in with us. It would take some doing...(and yes our guy friends had to fork over $40 to get in) but we ladies were able to be fast-tracked "fo free"past all the waiting and obviously annoyed revelers in line for entrance. People actually sneered at us as we bipassed the line led by a very accomodating bouncer. The looks on the faces of the dressed to the nines without wearing much hoochies were more like "WHO ARE THEY?"

What awaited us inside was quite a scene...the likes of which this group of cancer survivors was really taking in in all its glory. I'll spare you the blow by blow details can take a look at the pictures and was fffffffffuuuuuun!

THIS video was taken prior to "jumping the rope" so to can see the anticipation was mounting...

So that was just Friday night folks...and you know the night life is what peiople actually go to Vegas for. But for us the meaning of the trip was not lost on the crazy Vegas strip. We rented a house in a quiet residential area just a few miles outside of the bright lights of Vegas.We were in business with a pool table, a fully stocked kitchen complete with a grill and hot tub out back. With wallet savvy friends who wanted to capitalize the most out of our time together we ate a lot of our meals at the house. In case your planning a trip with a large group of people to Vegas I would highly recommend this as a budget friendly option...

Okay, so I have your attention...
FYI, it takes a while to write and compile these posts (and I'm a busy girl) if you wanna hear more about my trip to Vegas and an eye witness verified encounter with Lil Wayne you have to make it worth my while.

They say what happens stays in Vegas...but I'm willing to hedge a little and tell you the rest if you're tuned in. So if I get some comments requesting me to post the second installment...I will forfeit the stays in Vegas mantra.

Vegas Chapter Two?...It's up to you!


Todd said...

Look at you fishing for comments... I guess you would know that I would be one of the firsts because I am hanging by a string waiting to hear the rest. It gives me very mixed emotions seeing the pictures and reading everyone's FB updates. On one hand I am so happy that you guys had an amazing time, but on the other I am soooooooo sad I had to miss it. I'll have to make sure that there is no way for me to miss reunion #2.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you, and the whole group had a great time. Keep having fun.

Val Sun said...

I want to hear more - You know I LOVE your blogs!!! :)

Train-This said...

second installment please!

Circular Logic said...

Ok, I know I'm way late in requesting a second installment, but OF COURSE I want to read more! (I'm behind on my blog reading...I've been in the midst of a few crazy weeks at work, and I can't believe we only have six days of classes left!)