Thursday, March 4, 2010

Hockey players rock!

I just want to share a brief little note about our city's fine athletes. Last night six Rochester American hockey players dropped by our center to play a little Kan Jam with our teens in the Al Sig Center gym. Each teen was assigned an Amerk as a teammate and the fun began. Most of the guys, who had never played Kan Jam--might possibly be hooked on this simple 'yard' game now.

Afterwards the guys snacked on some ice cream and other goodies with teens and their families and chatted briefly, answering questions that even reporters never get to ask. Off the record, of course.

These guys were just 'class acts'- truly connecting with the teens and families in a way that shows that these tough guys love to play nice. I want to thank Rory Fitzpatrick for allowing us to have some time with these fantastic fellows who included Mike Duco, Victor Oreskovich, Andrew Sweetland, John DeGray and Clay Wilson!

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