Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Flick the flick

Having spent large chunks of my life seriously ill has led to the accumulation of a lot of "stuff" meant to entertain someone not able to be active.

Read this: I have a lot of DVDs...some have been gifts...but I've seen the need to (slightly) reduce my collection. Besides, as my sister reminded me "do you really have time for all these movies anyway?"
Good point.

If I don't really like the movie that I own I think its obvious it should go, right?
Ummm...yeah pretty simple.

Today we are going to play Flick the Flick--I've been doing this large scale, but just to simplify so you folks can play at home...see the assortment above.
Let's take a sampling of 8 DVDs--
Seven of these films are special to my heart, make me laugh till I cry or hold some significance. One of them is just taking up space.

See if you can select the movie that should be pitched.
If your answer agrees with mine...well, you don't win anything, but you have the satisfaction of knowing you're special. :)


Featured item of DAY:
The movie I should have not even rented

Category: Cinema

Winner of Community Garage Sale submission: Fools Gold!!!!

Proof that Matthew McConaughey running around a tropical island shirtless is no good reason to waste precious shelf space.

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