Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Heavy clouds, No moon


Originally written Tues December 21st

Last night was a sight to behold...cosmic theater at its best. Tuesday December 21, 2010. A total lunar eclipse on the very same day as the winter solstice, when the earth is tilted farthest away from the sun.
The last time this happened? 350 years!

Apparently, it was spectacular.

But I didn't get to see it.

And not for lack of trying.
I set my alarm, bundled up-- and (my very good sport) friend Megan picked me up at 3:00 in the morning. My friend Dawn Nicole (also a super good sport) met us in the parking lot for the lodge at Cobbs Hill.

Totality was 17 minutes away. We shivered in the snow covered parking lot, waiting for an event that was absolutely happening, but we just couldn't see. Beyond the frustration and the futility of launching ourselves out of our beds, shirking warmth and comfort and missing vital sleep, it was fun.
We chit chatted and just enjoyed the experience.
Chalk it up to the novelty of just being there.

Sometimes in this life it's what you have to grab onto--the attempt, the curiosity. That is sometimes all you have when that the anticipated moment never comes. Dawn Nicole had brought hot chocolate. I brought half moon cookies, (which were particularly fun to photograph in place of the absent moon show). We laughed, we chatted, we nibbled and sipped our treats. No cosmic show, but no less a memory.

LUNAR ECLIPSE 2010 was a bust--- but fun.

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