Friday, February 25, 2011

My own February break

Every school year a week looms on the calendar that feels somehow like a heavensent offering. February break.

This year I miscalculated that break. In other words, I assumed it was the same week it had always been. I try to get away from Rochester (not that there's anything wrong with it) for my sanity. Each year I scrimp away and ask relatives for money for my airline tickets, in lieu of birthday and Christmas gifts. 
And my sanity becomes a plane ticket out. 

You faithful blog readers know I've been known to have "itchy feet". My older cousin Audrey in England swears I got it from her.

This year that miscalculation led to a trip that fell not on break, but the week before. No wonder the flight was only $200! We all know they jack up the rates for school vacations. Just before February break I went to Colorado. 
Though, I had to take two personal days from work to do it, I did make my way out of Rochester. Sanity was safely restored.

I spent one day with my friend Susan in Denver and 3 days in Breckenridge Colorado. Part of the trip was all in the name of friendship and fun, but I was also there to help my friend Tracy's think-tank for her new non-profit called 
SOLO Survivors, which is soon to be launched. It's going to be a resource for single people dealing with cancer. Tracy is forging ahead and she is going to do amazing things for people who often get overlooked in the cancer world!
Go Tracy!

AND then there was adventure...

The picture above was taken at Keystone. You can't see my face because I am laughing through tears. Also, I was trying to figure out how the hell I was going to get up. It is indicative of the pretzel like way I landed on my butt about two dozen times. Okay, laugh all you want.
Yes, on this trip I also had some fun learning to ski. 

I had never downhill skiied in my life. Sure, tons of cross country when I was knee-high to a tree stump, but not for at least ten years---and never downhill. So, leave it to me to take a stab at another Bucket List item in a big way. 

Heck no, I don't try it out at home first, I go straight to one of the highest places in our country to give it a shot. And amidst some of the most accomplished skiiers whizzing by me. Toddlers still sucking pacifiers ski hard and fearlessly the green slopes in Colorado!

Let's say it started out as a brave attempt---but my fears got the best of me before we made it all the way down the mountain. The altitude, the view of 11,000 ft peaks! Akkkkk! Okay, you can laugh again when I tell you the name of this slope was The School Marm

Ummm yeah...A story for another time when Sean (my fearless yet patient teacher) sends me the pictures that tell more of my first lesson.
Don't ask him about it, he will start chuckling before he even tells you how I did.

Thankfully, I really did have the best teacher beer could buy.
Beers and nachos with he and his roommate Ryan at the Dam brewery in Dillon, a little town nearby--- all he would accept for his lesson. :)

And now I write this from my couch, back in Rochester...a storm is expected today. Just when we think things are letting up. That's how it goes.
I'm whittling away at some paperwork...working on my taxes...back to reality.
But, I smile when I think back on the intoxicatingly beautiful combination of blue skies, sunshine, mountains and snow.

Rochester is home. But I can't help but heart Colorado. 
hahaha windy much up here?

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