Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The young and the blogless

2011 has been a shameful blog year for me. As I looked at my tally I realized that I have only blogged 10 times since January of last year. Sure, I have been splitting my time between the YP blog I do for the Democrat and Chronicle, but really? 
I need to change that.

I have tons of excuses for not blogging. Time is one of them. Yet, I'm going to try to get better at it- truly. I never realized how many of you were reading this until I got a few impassioned pleas that I resume the journal. And when I say a couple- I truly mean just a few. No one was drumming up a petition to bring it back. Let's be real here.

I have a couple interesting thoughts to share from time to time. But by the time I have down time to think about them- the good ones have sunk back into the recesses to be dug up later.

So here's all I got about yesterday's events:
Nutty Professor Has Nothing on Nutty Leah

Yesterday I was in the hospital ready with one of my favorite jokes for a teen patient who was admitted with a neutropenic fever (common affect of treatment). 

I was about to tell her the joke and then I scratched my head and stopped, started again and forgot the punchline. She giggled anyway. Just watching me attempt to tell a joke is probably more hilarious than the corny one I have.  Only take-away: I successfully triggered her smile reflex. Mission complete.

But here's the joke anyway. 

How can nurses stand to work in busy hospitals?
They have lots of patients.

Yuck, yuck, yuck...I know I'm a riot. 

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Lisa said...

Yay! I do hope you post more often!!