Tuesday, March 13, 2012

March Madness and BONA PRIDE

I remember the news splashing over papers and spilling into evening broadcasts. It made CNN, ESPN, a segment on HBO Real Sports. It was the heartbreaking scandal any St. Bonaventure alum now remembers with quiet regret.

But nearly eight years of pain washed away Sunday when the Bonnies won the Atlantic 10 Tournament, earning entrance in to the NCAA tournament! 

Different headlines this time around!

My dad met my boyfriend Patrick and I at Rookies in Pittsford to watch the big game. I guess you could say I was over the moon happy watching my Bonnies do it, playing hard and solid to beat Xavier 67-56! 

Not only are the Bonaventure men the big news.
It's a story of basketball success for both camps as the women too are in this year's NCAA tournament. It's a banner season for the brown and white...there's no doubt.

While wearing my sweatshirt out and about the other day someone I'm assuming an alum or maybe even a fan in general shouted "Go Bonas!" 

It's bringing me back to a day so very long ago when I was a senior in college. In 2000 you felt that surge of excitement in the campus air. Everyone knew history was in the making for the brown and white- the little college that could. Just entering the arena to play its first round face-off against Kentucky was something bigger than itself. Win or lose we knew it was a game-changer. Watching our Bonnies fight tooth and nail in double overtime was truly amazing. Sure they lost then...but the loss is not what I remember. I remember the heart that our team showed. I remember the pride our school had for them just making it this far.

Well, it's here again! This time the men's tournament entry was earned by a title! I can't explain to you how good this feels. This time the women join them in the tournament glory. Both teams are poised to give it their all. I'm always proud of my alma mater...that never changed. In some way this feels like vindication and a return to something of a by-gone day. We just have to hope they can hold the magic as they face-off against Florida State.

Who's watching Friday? Who's with me?

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