Saturday, October 26, 2013

Your mother was a 'amster

In DC with Patrick Bruce Jordan (third from left) and Tom Wahl (far right)
I'm engaged to King Arthur. That's right...some day, some day I shall be Queen! 
No, that's not quite right. But Patrick flew down to Sarasota this week to start rehearsals for Spamalot. It's directed by the incomparable Bruce Jordan who does comedy, farce and hilarity with crowd-pleasing precision.

I am so incredibly proud of Patrick and can't wait to see him in it when I go down there at Thanksgiving time.

Since Patrick and I have been together I've discovered all the heart and soul that goes into in his craft and it's made me appreciate how much dedication goes into the entire spectrum of every actor's life. And if ever there was a production that was tailor-made for my guy, I have to say this one is the pick. I can't wait to see him prance around the stage in full Monty Python glory. 

For every practical and understandable reason, I miss my fiance. Yet I delight each day with Patrick's new stories of his adventures fine tuning the role of King Arthur. Monty Python is simply whimsical non-sensical fun. Though he's more of the straight man in a cast of sillies...the whole world of Spamalot is the ultimate playground for an actor whose comedic chops just totally send me into snickering fits. You must remember, before we ever met in person I laughed my butt off watching him fall and laugh like a hyena on stage.

Last night I was treated to a little behind-the-scenes fun as we chatted on the phone. "Do you feel like reading my lines with me," he asked. My mouth dropped open.
Patrick has never before had me rehearse lines with him and he's always insisted that it was something he's just does better at solo.

But last night I read the role of the 'French Taunter'.
There's nothing quite as silly as reading back and forth to your fiance calling him an 'English bed wetter' and to go 'boil his bottom' under the guise of a script, of course.

Patrick has always laughed at my faux accents. None of them are of the accuracy of a classically trained linguist. But with silly Monthy Python I could almost be passable...maybe. 

I'm gonna try my French taunter out around town perhaps. Or maybe not. I'll leave that to the professionals.

So proud of my guy. If you happen to be in or around Florida the show opens up in 3 weeks. GO SEE it. Yet, I wouldn't wait to buy tickets. According to Patrick the house is selling out fast. 

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