Friday, August 3, 2007

Continental drift, sleep deprivation shift

You say its been almost a month since you've heard from me..
Well, must say it's been a dazing three weeks of European adventures
Let's recap for the sake of rendering some organization for the bits and pieces I reminisce on in later posts.
Friday the 13th of July...arrived in London.
Saturday the 14th of July (Bastille Day) flew to Paris...narrowly missed the flight.

Sunday the 15th...still in Paris

Monday the 16th...early train to Brussels, the reputed Chocolate capital of the world

Tuesday the 17th...train from Brussels back to London

Wednesday the 18th...departed from London on Contiki's European Magic Tour, arrived in Amsterdam

Thursday the 19th...Amsterdam by day tour...much less seemly, back on bus to head to Rhine Valley in Germany. Dinner time arrived in St. Goar, Germany.
None of the souvenirs below made the weight requirement or price to fit into the suitcase, mind you.

Friday the 20th...Munich...Have you ever wandered around Munich on a Friday night with a pack of 40 total 20 and 30 somethings...the fun will find you.

Saturday the 21st...Innsbruck Austria, evening arrival in Venice

Sunday the 22nd... Venice...ahhh...Venice

Monday the 23rd... Lucerne Switzerland

Tuesday the 24th late afternoon...Paris again
Wednesday the 25th... ahhh Paris

Thursday the 26th...End of Contiki tour. The bus hauled it from Paris to record time.Just in time to connect with the reunion peeps at the West End for a show...then went back with them to Oxford.

Friday the 27th
and Saturday the 28th---Oxford
Sunday the 29th---boarded a bus for North Yorkshire...Ripon
Bus got lost in Leeds...
Finally got to Ripon
Monday---Ripon with the cousins
Tuesday--- Ripon with the cousins
Wednesday AUGUST 1st---boarded early train...from Harrogate, England...
changed at Leeds, changed at Birmingham, changed at Reading Station...
boarded bus for London Heathrow Airport.
Home THURSDAY AUGUST 2nd 1 a.m.

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