Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I have gotten used to the white noise of my fan...I've taken two cold showers today and my bedroom airconditioners been working over time. It's freakin hot!
I can't stand the humidity. That's the thing I have the hardest time with...that sticky disgusting feeling that just leaves you feeling uncomfortable pretty much all the time. Don't get me wrong...I love summer and I do love warm weather but when that mercury rises past the 80 mark, past 85 and keeps creeping I start to get a little batty. One doesn't have to be too paranoid to consider the possibility that the climate crisis may not be just hype. Not that sweltering summer days and global warming are mutually exclusive, but it just makes you think a little more about it from time to time. It's a reminder of weather extremes that we might be facing in the future if we don't turn things around.
Now consider the element of profuse perspiration. A public leader who has largely ignored environmental issues might think a little harder about such issues if he took a good look at this nice little momento picture. Wow, the heat is on, apparently.

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