Sunday, January 13, 2008

SAVE VIVY! but I'm off strike.

I might have enacted a strike in haste.
Number 1- One blogger on strike does not really have an effect. And I had no picket sign.

People just stopped reading my page. Heh heh
Much like the writer's strike, huh? Don't get me wrong, I absolutely support what the writer's are asking for. Without these talented writers how would we ever get the creativity and level of entertainment we have? It would be all reality all the time, basically.
However maybe some people are turning to alternative sources of entertainment. Maybe youtube is getting an influx of people watching things labelled grandma plays laser tag or squirrels gone wild. As an aside, do you ever get an idea in your head and think it's the most revolutionary idea EVER. Then you find someone else has thought of it. I thought squirrels gone wild would be a great name for a is taken. If you feel like testing my theory there are about a gazillion so-titled videos.
Number 2- I don't know how to strike and I think I might have caused a backlash.
Pre-strike I was getting hits from as far as Japan, Germany and all of over. Now I get 2 hits a day. By the way Thanks Mom and Dad.

But I have to share with you that someone from Sandwich Massachusett
s is reading this. What a cool name for a town. I really hope you do community-tie in activities out there and fun with this. Do you do host themed eating events? Gosh I hope so.
I would like to give you a shout out and if you give this a visit again...I implore you to throw me an email and just comment on here. Tell everyone what life is like in Sandwich. A little google investigation led me to the fact that Sandwich is just outside Cape Cod.
Hey, this could be better than having a third grade pen pal or maybe even a crazy prision boyfriend. Okay maybe not the latter.
The actress who plays Vivy, Diana Maria Riva even sent me an email thanking me for the support. If you are on facebook join the Save Vivy group. Myspace? Friend Vivy Porter.
This is the time to let Liftetime know. If you haven't seen Side Order, tell them you'd like a chance to see it because you've heard through the grapevine that you should be watching it.
Please follow this link to LIFETIME TV's comment board, register yourself and type in on the comment board. It doesn't have to be complex. SAVE VIVY will even suffice.

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