Thursday, February 14, 2008

Google puts the sin in cynical

In the past I'll admit that Valentines Days in singledom have been a bit of a thorn in my side. However with that kind of attitude, looking around just gets you in trouble on February 14th. You can not escape the big celebration each year, unless you nap through it. Every corner is swathed in pinks, reds, flowers and hearts. So rather than escape this day...I embrace it. I can feel good about this holiday even if I don't have Rico Suave at my door with a dozen long stemmeds.

I started this Valentines Day off on the absolute right foot. I even smiled and nodded at the garbage man while he blocked my exit out of the driveway this morning. I waited patiently and as he pulled away he gave me a nod and a wink. Folks, that's what I call passin' on the love.
I'm just trying to enjoy a non-cynical Valentines Day. But this time it was Google who got little edgy. Just so you understand, I usually check the Google main page every morning. Personally, the HOW TO of the day is usually a favorite tid-bit to check. Well if the How To of the Day were to set the tone, it shouldn't be today's How To. Today's HOW TO of the day was...check for yourself if you read this today,
How To Make a Voodoo Doll.
You could argue that this is just coincidental, but my bets are that some lonely google programmer was feeling particularly cynical today. I would like to free all of us to feel however we want about today--- the day that Hallmark CEOs watch the dough roll in. Whether you're feeling happiness, jubuliance, excitement, sarcasm, ambivalance or otherwise about Valentines Day...I just hope it doesn't inspire you to suddenly take up needlecrafting of the black magic sort. Yikes!
Happy Valentines Day friends!

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