Saturday, February 9, 2008

it all began with my Fisher price radio

I didn't 'come of age' in the 80s, I was just a kid. This didn't change my fascination with its music. When I was about six or seven years old I got the coolest gift ever. It was a Fisher Price radio, lightweight and portable with a little suitcase handle and most importantly a microphone attached the side. I repeat: COOLEST GIFT EVER.

This gift did not produce a future American Idol but it would fuel a life-long obsession with singing along to the music. Karaoke would seem somehow a natural progression in my 20s; the bi-product of a childhood carrying this thing every where I went and whipping out the microphone to stamp my own elementary school stylings on the song. I wasn't picky--I dueted with both Billy Idol and Billly Ocean. Get Out of My Dreams (and into my Car) was a personal fav...I said hey, hey--you you.... get into my car. Being a card carrying member of the Whitney Houston fan club with my own 8x10 glossy I gave a stirring rendition of Savin' All My Love For You as a fourth grade dynamo. I could have been a schoolyard DJ if someone had given me the training and turntables. I had my own party goin' on...a little Banarama, Bangles, Madonna, Katrina and the Waves and for good measure, I believe Steve Winwood and Bruce Hornsby were in there too. So you ask me why I can't resist singing in my car. And you ask why I can't help but feel that little stirring when I walk by a bar that says Karaoke Tonight. While the rest of the world was caught in the whirlpool of this decade of decadence...happiness for this little girl was her Fisher Price carry along.

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Sara said...

Oh my goodness......I just read your blog and I had this exact same Fisher radio. It was my absolute favorite. I would listen to the radio and tapes and sing along. I had it for the longest time until my mom gave it to her friend's 5 little children. I guess I'm a little to old to play with it now, but boy do I miss it!! I am sure I could have used it some how in my classroom today. Oh well. Good old memories though! :)