Sunday, February 24, 2008

My stomach is not in Kansas anymore

This is my fridge. If the picture appears bleak and stark it's because the emotions simmering beaneath the growling stomach of its photographer have somehow seeped into the pixels.
Have you ever eaten so well on vacation that coming home is a reality check?
My cousin Colleen is one of those cooks who can make something traditional taste new and exciting and every bite is like a celebration. Somehow she can whip up everything with seemingly effortless flair. Rachel Ray has nothing on my cuz.

Anyway, I have to say I've been eating like a queen this past week.
Now, the hardest part of adjusting back to my usual life is getting my stomach to agree to its old routine. Back to Healthy choice meals, take-out, yogurt and bowls of bran cereal. My digestive system and my tastebuds are rebelling .Ahhhhh!
  • Must dig up my cookbook.
  • Must delete Chester Cab Pizza from cell phone.
  • Must start cooking again.
  • Resistance is futile.
  • Good food is soul enhancing.

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