Saturday, March 1, 2008

awesome people

Ask anyone at our bowling night last night what kind of bowler I am...and you'll be greeted with a stifled smile and a under-the-surface snicker. I stink.
But last night's get-together was so way beyond bowling or scores...although there was some discussion at the end of our meeting of assembling more serious bowling event in the future.
But bowling was just the backdrop for total inspiration.

Our group of young survivors here in Rochester is so amazing, as a whole and individually. I feel so privileged to call them fellow survivors and friends. Everyone is from different walks of life but all of us share so much. From the survivor currently in treatment to the survivor who is just about to celebrate 10 years kicking cancer's arss to the survivor who felt guilty because she had the 'good cancer'. By the way, if a doctor is reading this: never tell your patient they have the good cancer. That is just bad taste all around.
Our journeys are a fabric of a movement across the country to get busy living. I am proud to know Matthew Zachary (although we have yet to meet in person) and I am so totally motivated by the fact that his brainchild is about handing leadership to young survivors themselves.
His attitude is kind of like if we're cancer's red headed step-child than let's take the reins ourselves. That's the attitude that is shaping change.

Cancer charities are so abundant and the attitude is that every need is filled. But we need to realize that their are gaps programatically and demographically in these services. We must hold everyone accountable for the untapped need and make our community aware. In young adult outreach this is truly the new dawn of realization. I'm Too Young For This, Planet Cancer, The SamFund, the Ullman Cancer Foundation...take your pick. All of these organizations are so in our corner. And I have to say when someone's in your corner it makes you want to step out of the shadows.

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Anonymous said...

My daughter is one of those awesome people...for sure.. Love you, Leah....Dad