Thursday, March 6, 2008

Lifetime Television needs to listen

There has been a major campaign by cancer warriors to try and save Lifetime Television's Side Order of Life. Somehow despite the numerous internet postings, the swell of heartfelt support, the unprecedented buzz, empassioned letters, emails, blogs, comments, phone calls and all out outcry...
Lifetime has not moved to renew...yet.
But no one is giving up.
Especially not Diana Maria Riva, the actress who plays Vivy, cancer survivor extrodinaire and Margaret Nagle, creator of the show. To date I have received emails from both of them and they continue to fight hard because they know how much this show means to cancer survivors like me.
If you are a cancer survivor, a friend or family member of one and you believe that the media should start portraying the journey have a personal stake in this.
Let's speak out against mindless reality tv and tell the world we don't accept heroes in the form of Paris Hilton or Britney Spears. We need real and heartfelt characters on quality and well written shows.
Even if you have not seen Side Order of Life...take a moment and call Lifetime today. It is our absolute right as to demand that quality and conviction return to television.

Sitting back without speaking is the same as apathy. CALL LIFETIME AT 212-424-7000

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