Saturday, March 8, 2008

Send menus to Lifetime!

I never thought I would be a fan, as in fanatic. You know those neurotic people who totally go bonkers for something. Well, I have and I do not apologize. With some winter hibernating working overtime and lack of dating prospects being true impetus I had some free time to start waging a campaign to save Side Order of Life. You regular readers know how I feel.

Anyway, inspired by Jericho viewers who sent CBS thousands of pounds of peanuts in an effort to save their show (it worked!) I have an idea. If you are reading this and you are even remotely moved by the message in Side Order of Life- showing a cancer survivors journey honestly, humourously and with heart- then pehaps you'll join me on this crusade.

SEND YOUR TAKE-OUT menus, PILFERED menus, COMPUTER PRINTED menus, home-made menus to the folks at Lifetime. Tell them you "want Side Order of Life back on the menu!"
To your right you will see the homemade menu I made in just a few minutes with some left-over scrapbooking supplies. Inside is a letter and pictures explaining why I was personally touched by Vivy's story. But you don't have to get as crafty as I did...if the Chinese food place keeps stuffing menus in your mailbox---here is your most meaningful solution.

PLEASE JOIN ME in sending your own menu, wherever it comes from,---just a menu. We need to send a message and send it fast!

World Wide Plaza
309 West 49th Street
New York, N.Y. 10019

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Elizabeth Grace said...

GREAT idea! I've gathered menus to put into tomorrow's mail and passed the idea along on my MySpace blog. You can read it here.