Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sometimes it's worth slowing down...

One of the little side benefits of all this jaunting around is just getting out there in my own neighborhood.

Tonight during my workout I was slowing my stride past a part of Park Ave that my friend Emily used to live on when I saw someone come out on her old porch. I did a double take. It was Emily! She and her then boyfriend had moved to Boston some five years ago! There was Emily on her old porch and visibly pregnant. I stopped my workout and gave her a hug (albeit slightly sweaty).

Oddly enough she and her now husband were packing up things in the house (they had re-rented the place a year ago when they moved back) and are now moving out to the burbs where they bought a house. Of all coincidences tonight was their last night there.
We caught up to the extent we could, made plans to reconnect and I continued on my merry way. Strange to think how paths cross when you start moving around a little more...

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