Thursday, July 8, 2010


I've been on a no-run streak. The heat is just too much for me.
I have been enjoying this vacation and I love spending leisurely days on the porch swing and going for quiet walks, but I miss those runs.

It was my dog who spurred me to slow down, not my own sense. I had a little conversation with Lucy, my chocolate lab, after we took a brief break from the run.
She had never complained and never asked me to turn around, but as I was looking down at her panting hard in a fur covered body---and felt my own chest tightening from breathing hard and heavy we turned around and walked home.

"That's it girl. Not until this heat lifts."

The best I can do for now in this 93 degree day is swim...
And of course beside me is Lucy---- whose specialty stroke is the dog paddle.

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