Sunday, July 13, 2008

Brand new blog...Check it out

Hello readers-

Insider Magazine asked me to write a blog for them about life after cancer.
I was touched that they would ask and thrilled that they would want to help bring awareness in this way. Obviously the demographic is fairly young and this could be a powerful reminder that cancer is not to be ignored by us in our "unsinkable, invincible" years.

Awareness and writing. A combo I can believe in.

They track whose blogs gets the most hits, so I'd be delighted if you added to my clicks.
I'll still post here, but this one's just a little more promoted.

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Circular Logic said...

Great new blog! I really enjoyed reading it. Hopefully I will remember to check back often. I have a suggestion if it's not too much work...could you toss a link onto this blog when you update the other one? I have a link to your blog on my blog, so I always know when there are updates.